Intuitive Therapy

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances; if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”  – Carl Jung

IMG_5176-2In this technique I combine Jungian psychology, mindfulness, body oriented approaches, and Reiki to create an integrative healing experience.  Before our session, I will fill the space with Reiki energy. We will begin the session discussing what has brought you in. Reiki is then administered through distance reiki (beaming it to you through my eyes, hands and breath). As the Intuitive Therapy Session progresses, you will connect to body sensations, using intuition you will sense into these sensations and discover energetic blockages that are often linked to past memories which often can present stumbling blocks in your life.

IMG_5185-2Reiki can also assist you to resolve your blocked emotions more quickly. You don’t need to consciously know what is troubling you in order to benefit from an Intuitive Therapy Session. During the session I will utilize Reiki and guided meditative visualizations to guide you deeper into the unconscious layers of stored emotions. This will connect you to your own intuition and bring to you awareness of what needs to be released in order to connect with your innate joy. After the Reiki portion of the session, I will facilitate a conversation regarding what was present for you. Utilizing the images and metaphors present, I will guide you in understanding the relevance of the experience to your life. I utilize current neuroscience research to assist you in understanding how the emotions are stored in the body and how this approach assists in releasing them.

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