Mental Health Counseling

“Your mind is a reservoir of potential; your heart an ocean of strength; your soul a well of talents; and your body a vessel of power.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

As a therapist, I will be fully present and engaged, listening and responding to you in a curious, nonjudgmental manner. I will create an environment that enables you to feel safe, so that you may develop trust and can feel heard and seen. I will help you develop tools to live in the present moment more fully.

I consider myself a therapist who integrates mind and body approaches. These include: mindfulness, the physical practice of yoga, breath work, and EMDR. I am studying DBT. I help clients learn to live in the present moment more fully so they can be in the here and now.

Somatic approaches, mindfulness and yoga will assist you in deepening your connection to your body so that you can sense and be with the these experiences whether they be sensations, emotions, or thoughts without judgment or without becoming overwhelmed by them. Yoga, breath work, and mindfulness also assist you in resourcing, grounding, regulating your nervous system, and increasing your window of tolerance so you experience feelings of being calm and being capable while also being with emotions, sensations and thoughts without judgment or feelings of overwhelm. This enables you to have more agency so you are less reactive and can allow the emotions and thoughts to flow through you so they can be in the here and now. I can help you to develop self care routines that support your well being, whether that be breath practices, asana practice, looking at daily routines, journaling, art tools, being in nature, etc.

EMDR assists you in processing traumatic experiences so they are less distressing.  The goal of this approach is to help you to feel balanced, whole, so that you can live in the here and now and be fully present in this moment and not the past or the future. This is the primary modality I utilize.

Types of Issues Treated

  • Anxiety, managing life stresses
  • Individuals seeking to develop self care routines
  • Individuals seeking tools for somatic body awareness
  • Individuals seeking to process and heal single case incident traumas (like a car accident), developmental trauma, or negative beliefs about self with EMDR (sexual abuse trauma is out of my scope of practice, I can provide referrals if this is what you are seeking to work on)

Treatment Tools

  • Yoga Asana practice
  • Breathing practices
  • EMDR: primary modality
  • Studying DBT

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about my services, please email or 503-880-7190