Yoga Therapy Group: Yoga for Mental Health

About the Workshop:  We will explore how to bring in mental health concepts into your yoga practice to deepen your self-awareness and self-exploration. Concepts explored through movement, breath, meditation and energy work include:

·  learn how to strengthen your intuition

·  learn the concept and difference between parts/ego and the indwelling nature

·  learn how to feel energetically your indwelling nature versus the energy of parts

·  learn how to embody your indwelling nature and connect to the universal life force energy that surrounds us all through meditation, breath and asana practice

·  learn how to use yogic breath, meditation, and asana practice to discern the parts of yourself that hold burdens (thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and body sensations)

·  learn how to use yogic breath, meditation and asana practice to help your parts heal and release their burdens so they too can live with you in the present moment in their gifts and talents

When: September 23 from 12-3pm

Where: Now Yoga, 4201 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97217

Cost: $60

What to Bring: yoga mat, water bottle, wear comfortable clothes

To register email:

In your email please include your name and phone number

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