IMG_5159-2Relationships can be challenging for anyone. It is normal to have ups and downs in a relationship. It is normal to sometimes struggles with intimacy or communication. Sometimes having a third person, who is an outside eye, can assist you and your partner in recognizing patterns of interacting that might be unhealthy for your relationship.

I will be open, curious, fully present and engaged, listening and responding to each of you in a curious, nonjudgmental manner to assist you in understanding who you are and the type of relationship you desire to have.

I will work with you and your partner through a family systems lens. In childhood we are taught our family’s beliefs and values. We develop our sense of “Self,” our coping skills, and ways of engaging in relationships through our interactions with our family. By looking at your family’s belief systems and patterns of interacting, you will better understand yours, and whether they assist or hinder your personal growth and relationships. Once these patterns have been identified, you can actively work to address any unhelpful patterns, and learn new skills to assist you in meeting your needs. This will lead to greater intimacy in the relationship, as well as improved communication.

I will also assist you and your partner in processing and understanding the different masks that you wear with each other. Through doing this work, you will feel balanced, whole, and will have a greater understanding as to why you engage in the world the way you do. By delving into the deeper elements of your mind and looking at your real self you will find acceptance and self-love for who you are, you will better understand each other. You will feel more satisfied with your life, and your relationship will improve.

If this way of working sounds interesting to you, please contact me to schedule a free consultation at or by calling 503-880-9170.