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My YouTube Channel with videos of guided meditations, mental health psycho-education, and yoga videos.

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How Trauma Gets Stuck in the Body:  A video with Peter Levine explaining how trauma gets stuck in the body

The Future of Healing: Shifting from Trauma Informed Care to Healing Center Engagement: A healing centered approach is holistic involving culture, spirituality, civic action and collective healing.

The Power Threat Meaning Framework: Towards the identification of patterns in emotional distress, unusual experiences and troubled or troubling behavior, as an alternative to functional psychiatric diagnosis. A research article by the British Psychological Society

Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia:  This report describes a psychological approach to experiences that are commonly thought of as psychosis, or sometimes schizophrenia. It complements parallel reports on the experiences commonly thought of as bipolar disorder and depression.


Eleanor Longden TEDTalk

Hands Are For Holding

Hearing Voices Network

NBC Story on Hearing Voices: Hearing Voices Others Can’t: How A Growing Movement Fights Mental Health

Affects of Childhood Trauma TEDTalk

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