Meditations/Yoga Videos

Guided Meditations

Finding, focusing and getting to know a part through an Internal Family Systems informed meditation

Energetic clearing and shielding meditation

Vishama vritti pranayama (unequal breath practice with breath retention.)

Vishama vritti pranayama (this breath practice with a 1:2 ratio of 4 count inhalation and 8 count exhalation.)

Ujjayi breath (a breath practice where we use a slight constriction of the glottis at the top of the back of the throat to create a “hiss” sound on the inhalation and a “ha” sound on the exhalation)

Box Breathing a form of Sama Vittri (a breathing pattern where the inhalation, the hold after the inhalation, the exhalation, and the hold after the exhalation are equal in duration and intensity)

Equal Ratio Breathing or Sama Vritti (a breathing pattern where the inhalation and the exhalation are equal in duration and intensity)

A meditation to decrease anxiety by muscle relaxation

A meditation focusing on points of contact

Observing the breath (5 minute meditation)

Observing the breath (10 minute meditation)

Focusing on the felt sense meditation

Accessing Self energy meditation

Loving kindess meditation


Why does EMDR work?

What is EMDR?

Introduction to parts work utilizing internal family systems

Yoga Videos

Slow Flow Yoga for Anxiety Full Body

Yoga for upper body (arms, wrists, neck and shoulders)

Yoga for Depression

Yoga for grief

Yoga for anxiety, upper body 30 minutes

Slow Flow Yoga Low Back, Hips and Legs 30 minutes

Yoga for Beginner’s Upper Body self inquiry and being with the felt sense

Yin Yoga for beginner’s Hips 20 minutes

Vinyasa Flow full body 15 minutes

Slow flow yoga lower body 30 minutes

Yoga for Core 10 minutes

Yoga Chair Sequence Upper Body 12 minutes

Chair Yoga break from computer work 10 minutes

Trauma Informed Yoga for Mental Health: Upper Body 30minutes

Reiki Channeling Videos

Connect to Reiki and the Divine Within: As a reiki master I am able to channel reiki and the divine realms via distance healing. These loving energies reside inside your heart and are available to anyone who is curious and wants to connect. They can help you heal yourself and understand yourself and the world with more clarity, compassion and non judgment. If you are curious and would like to sit in community with others who are hoping to heal themselves to help the world heal, then please join me. Thank you for being you.

Heal Yourself through Reiki: In this video I channel reiki and utilize internal family systems theory to assist you in better understanding yourself and helping yourself heal what is ready to be healed.

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