The Divine Within: Healing Ourselves to Heal the World

I am currently writing a book, titled The Divine Within: Healing Ourselves to Heal the World. It will explore what I have witnessed through my work with my clients, as well as my own personal journey. It will provide examples of what it looks like to allow an individual to find for themselves what works, utilizing several modalities that neuroscience is currently researching and exploring. I will present some of the evidence that these studies present; which suggests that mindfulness, which are what the practices I utilize with clients are, will lead to lasting structural changes to the brain and nervous system. 

Based on this research, I will propose that humanity has the potential to evolve. As we have been doing for millions of years. I will explore how with this evidence, we have an opportunity to shift from mammals driven to react to their environment from fear triggered by the amygdala (which is responsible for our fight/flight/freeze response), to mammals who can work together for the common good of all, utilizing the prefrontal cortex (which is responsible for adult unbiased perspective, compassion, empathy, connection and collaboration). I will explain what all this means as we delve into the research later in this book.  

I will also provide case studies, exploring explanations of several existing healing modalities, exploring how these intersect with spirituality and the developmental stages of the human body and brain, and how they lead to healing. I will present, what I feel, is compelling evidence that all trauma is shared burdens because the same core beliefs exist for humanity. I have seen with my work with clients that these core wounds include the following unconscious beliefs: I am unworthy, I am unlovable, I am bad, I am not safe, I am separate and not part of the whole and I don’t get to heal. I will provide examples of how when we heal our own trauma for ourselves it helps lighten those same traumas in the collective and helps others find their way to healing. 

I will offer somatic mindfulness practices that my clients have found helpful and that the neuroscience suggests restructures the brain and nervous system. You might be asking what my background is that makes me qualified to explore these topics. To answer that question, nothing makes me qualified as I am still a student learning. At the same time, I am a lifelong knowledge seeker who reads and explores a variety of topics to deepen my understanding of the world we live in. I am also a licensed marriage and family therapist trained in Depth Psychology, a yoga therapist, a reiki master, and intuitive spiritual channeler. 

Within the pages of this book, I hope to lay out a framework of how the modalities I’ve studied helped me understand myself and my clients. As well as how they have helped my clients come to understand themselves. As well as how my clients and I have come to understand consciousness, spirituality, and healing. I will provide examples of how clients utilize these tools to deepen their understanding of their inner world to find peace and love within themselves. I will explore how, through these experiences of going “inward” to listen and know ourselves, my clients and I have been able to connect with and embody the “divine” and connect to a deep and inter connected field of LOVE.

On this website and on my YouTube Channel I will be offering podcasts, videos, and practices from this book. I invite you to check it out if you feel called to and join the conversation on my YouTube Channel.