Yoga Coaching

How is Yoga Coaching Different from Mental Health Therapy?

A yoga coach does not diagnose or label a client as having a “condition.” Instead, I will be working with you to experience the highest expression of health available to you in the moment. In yoga coaching we are looking at all aspects of health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. According to yoga philosophy, these aspects of the self are all  connected. A change in one area will lead to changes in the other areas. Although the focus of yoga therapy is the use of yoga to enact change in the system, my knowledge and experience as a mental health counselor allows me to make connections between your physical and spiritual practice and your mental and emotional life.

There is ample scientific research that shows what the Eastern world has known for thousands of years: yoga changes your brain. The practice of yoga assists in pruning brain connections that no longer serve you, and creates new neural pathways or connections linking the positive habit of yoga with the felt sense of well-being experienced through yoga. This results in a greater ability to live in the present moment with a sense of peace, contentment, and happiness.

Did you know that Yoga has been practiced in South Asia for thousands of years, and unlike Western yoga where yoga is taught in group classes, in South Asia it was traditionally practiced one-on-one? I offer one-on-one sessions in this manner in order to provide you with a more authentic yoga experience where I can specifically address your unique needs.

Are you looking to feel more empowered in your Authentic Self?

I believe that every individual is innately whole and that due to the weights and worries of the world our wholeness and authentic Self often become hidden from view. There are many practices that can assist you in returning to wholeness and your authentic Self; yoga is just one of those practices. I believe that you don’t need to see a Yoga Coach every week for the rest of your life. In fact, my aim is to mentor and empower you to develop the tools to rediscover your wholeness and Authentic Self. Through Yoga Coaching you will learn new tools that will help you to create balance and well-being for the long term. These tools will empower you to live in the present moment with mindfulness, which reduces the impact of daily life stressors.

I also combine reiki energy healing in my one-on-one yoga sessions. In addition to learning yoga practices, you will learn reiki energy practices. These practices deepen your connection to your Authentic Self and the felt sense of wholeness, peace, calm, and contentment. To learn more about reiki, please see the information page on reiki.

Yoga Coaching works well with other modalities.

It is important to practice complementary healthcare modalities. However, if we work together doing yoga coaching, I will not be your mental health provider, even though I have training and experience in this area. If you are seeking yoga coaching to aid you in managing physical ailments or mental health concerns, you are encouraged to seek complementary healthcare with a physical therapist, mental health counselor, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or primary care physician. Yoga Coaching is not a replacement for traditional Western medical care but in combination with other modalities Yoga Coaching can help you in achieving the best results possible. I am even happy to consult with your other health care providers at your request. Yoga therapy is not currently covered by insurance.

What is a one-on-one Yoga Coaching session like?

After a check-in to see how you’re feeling, and a discussion regarding your intention for the session (what you would like to let go of and what you would like to bring in), I will mentor you in mindfulness practices including breathwork, yoga poses, guided meditation, and reiki energy healing. Each session will end with a deep rest, as well as a discussion of what you experienced and how to apply this to your daily life. Every session will be tailored to your unique goals. It is recommended that you engage in a series of yoga therapy sessions to receive the greatest benefit from the practices being taught and to deepen your skills in building these practices into your daily life.

What should you wear or bring to a Yoga Coaching session?

It is recommended that you wear something that is easy to move in. I encourage you to dress in layers so that you may add or subtract as your temperature changes. If you have a yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it, but I can also supply everything that you will need for our session.

Who should work one-on-one with a Yoga Coaching?

If you are interested in spirituality, deepening your current yoga practice, experiencing a deep connection with spirit, or trying a complementary therapeutic modality for lessening mental, emotional or physical suffering, then Yoga Coaching may be a good fit. I would be honored to mentor you in your personal goals. I would also welcome the opportunity to work in conjunction with your current support team, working to assist you in creating the life you desire to live. By working one-on-one we will have the opportunity to create a practice that is uniquely yours.

How can you expect to feel after a Yoga Coaching session?

Every individual’s experience of yoga coaching is uniquely theirs. The insights and connections made vary from session to session. Here are some common experiences that are often shared among students. These include a sense of peace and calm, a felt sense connection to their Authentic Self, a felt sense connection to a universal life force that supports and encourages them, a felt sense connection to all of creation, a greater sense of body awareness, a greater sense of clarity, a greater sense of present moment awareness, a greater sense of how to be with physical discomfort and mental/emotional experiences without being overwhelmed by them, and a felt sense of compassion towards self and others.

As your mentor, my goal is to create a space for relaxation and clarity, so that you have a deeper connection and understanding of yourself, which will enable you to more easily move through life. It is not uncommon for a student to experience some muscle soreness in the days following a session, depending on the movements practiced in the session.

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